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-- Free worldwide shipping -- 


Buchardt Audio is a Danish based high-end loudspeaker manufacturer.

Our goal is to provide state of the art sound at an affordable price. We have succeeded in this task with the help of some of the most talented developers and engineers in the industry. Our speakers are the product of a long and meticulous design process.

Don't let the cost of our speakers dissuade you. Their performance can compete with products well above their price range.

In order to reach these prices, we've eliminated everything deemed unnecessary, including marketing, distributors, agents, and Hi-Fi dealers. By selling directly to the consumer, we eliminate 60-70% of the cost in comparison to other products. 
Our focus is purely on performance and quality.

We are a small company, with benefits from a large. With our high requirements for product quality, finish and price, production in Europe are excluded.
Our products are developed and designed in Denmark and produced in Indonesia at a recognized and approved factory.

A typical speaker manufacturer is dependent on several factories to get their product completed. (Cabinets, speaker drivers, crossovers, terminals ect. at different manufacturers.) We have gathered it all at one manufacturer. This provides cost reduction, and it’s also a great support to the environment.