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S400 Dark Smoked Oak / Pair (Pre-order discount)

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Product image 2S400 Dark Smoked Oak / Pair (Pre-order discount)
Product image 3S400 Dark Smoked Oak / Pair (Pre-order discount)
Product image 4S400 Dark Smoked Oak / Pair (Pre-order discount)
Product image 5S400 Dark Smoked Oak / Pair (Pre-order discount)
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Product image 7S400 Dark Smoked Oak / Pair (Pre-order discount)

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 Huge passive radiator for deep and controlled bass responds.

Works perfect in all types of rooms and placements due to its special CDC waveguide design.

Neutral, transparent sound with extraordinary soundstage and imaging!

Ideal for both Hi-Fi and professional use.

Can be placed directly up against a wall and upside down if necessary.

Pairs great with all types of amplifiers.

10 years warranty!



Engineering matters

After the success of Buchardt S300, we noticed that the great effort spend in the development process was recognized.

The S400 shares the same philosophy/principles as S300, but now with even more finesse. The S400 not only uses high quality components everywhere as the S300 does. But the Acoustic development process is now even more delicate. To do the full 3d acoustic simulation of S400. 5402 Acoustic measurement points was conducted with a robotic nearfield scanner. With this measurement accuracy it was possible to achieve a seamless transition from the woofer to the custom-made constant directivity tweeter/waveguide.


Why is controlled directivity a desirable feature?  

The listener is exposed to: 1. Direct sound, 2. Early Reflections and 3. Sound Power.

The direct sound most speakers get right. But if they have an irregular directivity, the early reflections and sound power might be flawed, especially around the crossover point. The S400 has nearly the same frequency response off-axis as on-axis. Meaning that at even extreme angles the sound will be authentic and the reflections bouncing around the room is not distorted. Research suggest that the in-room response can be estimated from around 12% Direct sound, 44% Early reflections and 44% Sound Power – The S400 will deliver exceptional in-room performance in any room.


What is DRR (Direct/Reverb Ratio)

Listening in nearfield (studio monitors) is often used for critical listening by professionals. But this is not very practical/comfortable for most users who want to enjoy sound in a normal room.

When sitting very close to the speakers the direct sound will be dominant (High DRR), this gives the listener great imaging precision and transparency. When listening far away from the speakers in a room, the reflections and sound power will be dominant (Low DRR – assuming low directivity). With S400, the early reflections and sound power will be attenuated – this will increase the DRR and give improved imagining precision and transparency. For many rooms this is very desirable - especially in untreated rooms.


Constant Directivity Control Waveguide

The secret to the exceptional controlled directivity is in the waveguide. It is designed/simulated with state of the art computation methods. It was tested with the holographic nearfield scanner, mapping the complete acoustic 3d output, more than 5000 measurements have been performed on the 5 prototypes in total, but the result is also spot-on. A challenge that had to be solved using such a deep waveguide was the phase-shift between the woofer and the tweeter. This was solved by placing the waveguide under the woofer as well as a very discreet tilt of the cabinet at only two degrees, this aligns the drivers in phase. Because of the high directivity of the waveguide, the edge diffractions from the cabinet is reduced with 90%. The sound does not “stick” to the box, but leaves it freely without audible artifacts, the loudspeaker disappears.


Why aluminum woofer this time?

Normally aluminum woofers are only suitable for pure bass because of its break-up points in the midrange frequencies. However this have been fixed with break-up compensation in the cone. Look closely, and you can actually see the “stripes” in the cone itself. This let's us utilize the full potential of the aluminum without it's normal drawbacks!  

It's a long stroke woofer with amazing control and power! It's capable of playing extremely deep bass and quite loud as well!


Why this passive radiator on the back?!  

A passive radiator is a way more expensive solution than a bass reflex port, it's without a doubt the reason we don't see them often. But it's chosen for the following reasons :

+ 30% reduction of cabinet size

+ Similar bass performance as S300

+ No port noise

+ No port compression

+ Can be placed very close to a wall (if necessary!)



Most companies shrug when it comes to the crossover quality, it's mainly because you don't see it.

In a Buchardt speaker you will only find high-quality components that last for a long time. This means low tolerance, for matching L/R speakers. This also means that the components don’t deteriorate with time. The capacitors used is the metallized film type. They are much more expensive than the electrolytic types but these does not dry out or change behavior with age. We don't accept iron core inductors in a 2 way system! Only high quality cobber air coils are used! 

This speaker will work best in room sizes up to 60 sqm.

Technical specifications

Operating principle: 2-way Passive radiator system
Tweeter: 1 x 0,74" Custom fine weave soft fabric textile with CDC aluminum waveguide/horn hybrid 
Mid / woofer:

1 x 6" Aluminum cone with break-up optimization  

1 x 5x8" Long throw passive radiator

Impedance:   4 ohm
Sensitivity:  88 dB
Frequency response:    33 - 40.000 Hz +/- 3db
Crossover Point: 2000hz
Power recommendation: 40 - 200 W
Measurements (h x w x d): 365 x 180 x 240 mm
Weight:   20 kg / set
Design and Engineering : Kasper Raun
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