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Kent Pettersson - S300

HiFi Enthusiast
It have now been almost two weeks since I received my pair of S300. As many speakers do, they sounded quite terrible straight out of the box. I started by playing on repeat for two days while I was at work. After about 20 hours of playing I started to experiment with placement, mostly the distance to the back wall.
After a couple of days I had found the right spot. During this time the speakers have changed character quite a lot.
It seems that the tweeter needs the most break in. The high notes are now more relaxed which lets the bass come out with punch and authority. The sound is also very detailed, especially with voices and piano notes.
My old speakers are a pair of Audiovector Si3 standard. A competent pair of speakers that have a slightly different character, mostly and naturally in the bass considering there larger size. Otherwise I believe the S300 to be just a smidgen more precise and detailed. The winner so far.
Equipment used:
Streamer: Moon 180 Mind
DAC: Hegel HD20
Amp: Hegel H200
Best regards:
Kent Pettersson – Sweden


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