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Mikael Hallengren - S 300

HiFi Enthusiast.

I have been doing HiFi for many years and tried a extreme amount of different brands from 5.000kr-100.000kr.

My first meeting with the Buchardt audio was on the HiFi fair called Sweetspot in Jönköping Sweden. Both the s200 and s300 took me by storm. To get a speaker for only 7.000-10.000kr to perform better than many speakers in the 100.000kr class is fantastic. The speaker i choosed was the s300 which i think has it all. It's able to perform good on everything from jazz to hardrock. How the music disapears from the speakers is really amazing, and this is something i think a small amount of speakers can handle. It's a speaker with extremely high resolution with a mindrange to die for and the bass is fantastic. But above all, it will still put the music in first position. S300 is absolutley one of the best spekars i've heard from a prizepool at least 100.000kr. Sincerely, Mikael Hallengren


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